Course announcements

  • The course illustrates the basic functionalities and main concepts of SAP Commerce Cloud and helps participants understand what is out of the box and what has to be implemented. It also gives a brief introduction to SAP Commerce Cloud composable storefront and uses it as the standard storefront through the entire training. The course is targeted for software developers, software architects and technical consultants. Participants will see the software demonstrated and will learn to install, configure, and customize it to a certain degree. For each area presented in the course, participants will write a "hello world" application. It does not solve project specific problems, but it shows how to tackle most common tasks.

Course information

  • Overview
  • Installing SAP Commerce Cloud
    • Build Framework
    • Extension concept
    • Basic Configuration
    • SAP Commerce Cloud Server
    • HAC, Initialization and Update
    • Recipes
    • Spring in SAP Commerce Cloud
    • Exercise How-to
    • (Exercise) Class Setup
  • Data Modeling
    • Introduction to the Type System
    • Collections & Relations
    • Deployment
    • Type System Localization
    • (Exercise) Data Modeling
  • Product Modeling
    • Product Content Management Basics
    • Product Modeling Overview
    • Classification System
    • Product Variants
    • (Exercise) Product Modeling
  • ImpEx
    • Overview of ImpEx
    • Syntax & Examples
    • Invoking ImpEx
    • Distributed Impex
    • (Exercise) Impex
  • Flexible Search
    • Overview
    • Syntax
    • API Examples
    • Flexible Search alternatives
    • (Exercise) Flexible Search
  • Services
    • Service Layer
    • Commerce Services
    • Models
    • Platform Testing Environment
    • Transactions
    • ServiceLayer Direct
    • (Exercise) Services
  • Facades
    • Facades Overview
    • Bean Generation
    • Conversion Process
    • Commerce Facades
    • (Exercise) Commerce Services & Facades
  • Composable Storefront Briefing
    • Composable Storefront Overview
    • Composable Storefront – Essentials & Features
    • (Exercise) Composable Storefront
  • WCMS
    • Storefront Management
    • CMS Model
    • Slots & Components
    • View Rendering
    • Personalization
    • SmartEdit
    • Website Links
    • (Exercise) WCMS
  • SAP Commerce Cloud Portal
    • Introduction to Cloud Portal
    • Code Repository Connection
    • Code Repository Structure
    • Build & Deployment
  • Security
    • Basics
    • Type-Based Access Rights
    • Item-Based Restrictions
    • Spring Security
    • Additional Security Features
    • (Exercise) Security
  • SAP Commerce Cloud Know-How
    • Deployment & Maintenance
    • Logging & Debugging
    • Integration Scenarios
    • GDPR in SAP Commerce Cloud
    • Knowledge Webography
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • install and configure SAP Commerce Cloud.
    • understand the fundamental technical aspects of SAP Commerce solution on premise and cloud version
    • understand how to develop and code through SAP Commerce Cloud platform
    • install, configure, and provide basic customization to SAP Commerce Cloud, composable storefront
    • know how to build and deploy SAP Commerce Cloud to the SAP Cloud environment
    • know where to get additional information, best practices and documentation
  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant
  • Solution Architect
  • Technology Consultant


  • Excellent knowledge in Java J2EE concepts and patterns
  • Excellent knowledge of Spring Framework


  • None
  • SAP Commerce Cloud 2211
  • The course contains a set of exercises corresponding to each introduced course content. All the exercises can only be performed in a pre-configured SAP Virtual Machine (aka. SAP VM). Details about how to connect to the SAP VMs will be introduced on the first day of the course.
  • Disclaimers
  • This course content is valid for both the cloud and on-prem versions of SAP Commerce Cloud.
  • If you are not an official SAP partner or customer (NDA signed), you cannot access the Help Documentation as shown in this course. Follow these links for registration information: Help.
  • This does not affect the duration of the course. Accessing the Help Documentation is not a mandatory part of this course and therefore do not affect the educational value of the training.

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