Course announcements

  • In this course, participants will be guided to better understand all possible topics that are not basically treated during the standard HY200 course and are required to successfully pass the certification exam.
    • This course is NOT a requirement for successfully passing the SAP Commerce Cloud Business User certification. Its goal is to increase the participants’ chances of success through a guided review of publicly available content and knowledge that can be gained through project experience.

Course information

  • Introduction
  • Certification logic and architecture
    • Overview of certification topics
    • Hybris Commerce topics
    • Percentage incidence of each area on certification exam
    • How documentation works
  • yALF and software engineering concepts
    • Overview
    • Project cycle
    • Different types of requirements
    • How requirements are collected
    • Requirement prioritization
    • Change requests and their management
    • Planning & budgeting
    • Software design and prototyping
    • Development phase and its issues
    • QA, the importance of software quality
    • Deploy and management
    • Organize trainings for customer and its employees
  • UML overview
    • Basic concept of UML and its use.
  • Best practice
    • Development best practices
    • Integration best practices
    • Infrastructure and how to select the right environment
    • Services provided by SAP
  • Exam certification
    • How to read a question
    • Understand the form of a question and answers
    • How to create a use case by a standard certification question
    • Understand where an answer can be wrong or right
  • Certification mock-up
    • 50 questions to test your ability
    • Full analysis of each of them in class
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Understand the kind of topics around the certification that are not strictly related to SAP Commerce.
    • Where to find document and resources to prepare for certification exam and how to use it
    • How to read and understand the meaning of a certification question
    • Apply software engineering concepts in a real-life project
    • Understanding the different phases of a software product process
    • Connect Business requirement with functional and non-functional requirements
    • Prioritizing customer/software needs and fit on schedule and budget
  • Business stakeholders
  • Project managers
  • Functional consultants / Business analysts
  • Key users / end users QA managers / Testers


  • HY200 SAP Commerce Cloud Business User
  • Program and project management skills
  • Solid understanding of the SAP Commerce Cloud features


  • Basic knowledge of Agile
  • Basic knowledge of UML
  • SAP Commerce Cloud 1808
  • Java version 8

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