Course announcements

  • This product is also available as e-learning C4H320e "SAP Commerce Cloud Business User Online Training (formerly HY200e)" in the SAP Learning Hub. Please purchase a SAP Learning Hub Customer Experience Edition subscription
  • In this course, participants will learn about SAP Commerce features, concepts, and user interfaces from a functional perspective to get an all-round view of the software. This course contains demonstrations by trainers as well as hands-on exercises for course participants. The course is valid for both the on-premise and cloud version of SAP Commerce.
    • We recommend that you use your own machine for the best training experience. Please note the on-site training and technical equipment requirements for this course via this: link.
  • SAP Customer Experience Wiki / Help Access is only available for official SAP customers and partners – i.e. customers and partners who have bought SAP software. Course participants who are independent learners do NOT receive access to the SAP Customer Experience Wiki and the SAP Hybris Help. Access is not a mandatory part of this course but is mandatory if you plan to study for certification. Follow these links for registration information: Wiki / Help .

Course information

  • Introduction
  • Overview
    • Major Modules and Accelerators
    • Business and Administration Tools
  • Product Content Management
    • Catalogs and Products
    • Media Management
    • Exercise: PCM
  • Web Content Management
    • CMS Overview
    • Hands on exercise: SmartEdit
    • Personalization
    • Exercise: Personalization
    • Spartacus
  • Commerce
    • Search
    • Exercise: Search
    • Pricing
    • Cart Features and Checkout Types
    • Promotions and Coupons
    • Exercise: Promotions & Coupons
  • Orders
    • Payment
    • Basic OM Related Features
    • Order Management Services Module
  • Customer Support
    • Customer Management
    • Customer Cart
    • Order Cancellations and Returns
    • Customer Service Module
    • Exercise: Customer Support
  • B2B Commerce
    • Account Management
    • Organization Management
    • Catalog, Pricing & Stock
    • Ordering & Checkout
    • PunchOut Support
    • Exercise: B2B Commerce
  • Integration
    • General Integration Tools
    • SAP Integrations
  • Essential Foundation
    • Architecture
    • Security
    • Automation (Cronjobs)
    • Validation Framework
    • ImpEx
    • Workflows & Collaboration
    • Exercise: Workflow
  • Good to Know
    • Licensing and Versioning
    • Deployment & Maintenance
    • CX Works
    • Webography
    • SAP Commerce Cloud
    • SAP Upscale
    • Industry-Specific Accelerators
    • Container Support
    • GDPR
  • Additional Reading: Business Analyst
  • This course will prepare you to:
  • Describe and identify SAP Commerce Cloud features and user interfaces from a functional perspective.
  • Business stakeholders Project managers Functional consultants / Business analysts Key users / end users / QA managers / Testers


  • * Fundamental understanding of web technologies and e-commerce concepts


  • * None
  • SAP Commerce Cloud 2005
  • Java version 11

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