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  • This course will help you get the most of your SAP BW implementation by not only giving you a detailed view of operations and InfoProviders, but also by helping you to optimize performance of data loads and query execution.


  • Acquire extended knowledge and skills in SAP BW Operations
  • Acquire extended knowledge and skills in SAP BW Perfomance Optimization


  • Database Administrator
  • Solution Architect
  • Technology Consultant



  • BW310
  • Extensive SAP Data Warehousing Experience"


  • Experience with SAP BW
  • Data Base Basics Experience
  • Data Dictionary Experience

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver BW 7.4


  • An Overview of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW), BW Accelerator, and SAP HANA
    • Identifying the Components and architecture of SAP NetWeaver BW, BW Accelerator, and SAP HANA
  • InfoProvider Administration
    • Managing InfoCubes
    • Managing DataStore Objects
    • Managing MultiProviders
    • Managing HybridProviders
    • Managing Semantically Partitioned Objects (SPOs)
    • Managing TransientProviders
    • Managing Analytical Indexes
    • Managing VirtualProviders
    • Managing Real-Time Providers
    • Creating a DataStore Object for Direct Update
  • Process Chain Administration
    • Designing Process Chains
    • Maintaining Process Chains
    • Monitoring Process Chains
  • Data Acquisition Administration
    • Describing the Data Load Cycle
    • Examining the Technical Details of Data Loading
    • Loading Master Data
    • Using Transformations
    • Monitoring Data Load
  • Working with the BW Trace Tool
    • Working with the BW Trace Tool
  • Information Lifecycle Management
    • Classic Archiving in Information Lifecycle Management
    • Making Archived Data Available for Queries Using BW Near-Line Storage
  • BW Transports
    • Describing the BW Transport System Landscape
    • Determining Object Versions and Metadata
    • Managing BW Transports
    • Transporting BEx Objects
    • Transporting Roles and Workbooks
    • Investigating Transport Strategies and Troubleshooting
  • Performance Management with BW InfoProvider Indexes
    • Determining Relational DBMS Indexes
    • Indexing for InfoProviders
  • Optimizing Performance for InfoProviders
    • Optimizing Performance for DataStore Objects
    • Optimizing Performance for InfoCubes
    • Optimizing Performance Using Semantically Partitioned Objects
    • Optimizing Performance Using Analytical Indexes
    • Optimizing Performance Using TransientProviders
    • Working with Aggregates
    • Optimizing Performance Using MultiProviders
    • Optimizing Performance Using HybridProviders
  • Optimizing Data Acquisition Performance
    • Configuring Data Acquisition Parallel Processing
    • Improving Data Acquisition Performance
    • Loading and Activating DataStore Objects
  • Performance Through Partitioning
    • Performing Table Partitioning
  • Reporting Performance
    • Designing Queries for Optimal Performance
    • OLAP Caching
    • Maintaining Query Properties
  • Managing Performance with BW Statistics
    • Getting an Overview of BW Statistics
    • Implementing Technical Content for BW Statistics
    • Administering and Analyzing BW Statistics Data
    • Monitoring with BW Administration Cockpit and BO Dashboard
  • Performance Management with BW Accelerator
    • Performance Optimization with BW Accelerator
    • Determining BW Accelerator Architecture
    • Increasing Query Read Performance Using BW Accelerator Indexes
    • Monitoring BW Accelerator
    • Envisioning the Future of SAP HANA with BW


  • This course does not discuss SAP BW with HANA in depth. For more information about SAP BW with HANA, see BW362.

This course is also available as a test system within SAP Live Access

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