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  • Learn the procedures within modeling of the BW Enterprise Data Warehouse and acquire deep knowledge about modeling and implementation of data warehousing with SAP BW 7.4.

Course information

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Architecture
    • Determining EDW Architecture
    • Planning the Architecture of an EDW
    • Using the EDW Layers
    • Determining the Purpose of the Data Mart Layers
    • Determining the Purpose of the Operational Data Store Layer
  • The Modeling Process
    • Identifying Decision Areas within SAP BW Projects
    • Performing Requirements Analysis
    • Creating a Logical Data Model
    • Developing the SAP BW Data Model
    • Creating Graphical Data Models and Templates
  • Data Modeling Practice
    • Drafting a Data Model
    • Summarizing Data Modeling Practice
  • BI Content Analysis
    • Listing the Uses of BI Content
    • Comparing a Data Model with BI Content
  • InfoObject Models
    • Listing the Tables in the SAP BW Data Model
    • Implementing Tracking History Scenarios
    • Using Reference Characteristics
    • Using Hierarchies
    • Using Key Figures
    • Creating Translation Types for Currency Translation
    • Creating Translation Types for Quantity Conversion
    • Creating a Data Model for Mapping Non-Cumulative Values in SAP BW
  • Modeling DataStore Objects
    • Modeling DataStore Objects
    • Using Real Time Data Acquisition (RDA)
  • Multi-Dimensional Modeling
    • Determining the SAP BW Star Schema
    • Designing the Dimensions of the SAP BW InfoCube
  • Enhanced InfoProvider Modeling
    • Modeling MultiProviders
    • Modeling an SPO
    • Modeling an InfoSet
    • Modeling a VirtualProvider
    • Modeling a HybridProvider
    • Explaining InfoProviders in SAP BW and the InfoProvider Decision Tree
  • Data Model Remodeling
    • Modifying a Data Model
  • Information Lifecycle Management
    • Describing Information Lifecycle Management
  • LSA++ with SAP BW on SAP HANA
    • Determining the Advantages of SAP BW on SAP HANA
    • Determining the Enhancements of LSA++ with SAP HANA
  • Learn procedures within modeling of SAP Business Warehouse
  • Learn how to create a Layered Scalable Architecture"
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Process Architect
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Program / Project Manager
  • Technology Consultant


  • BW310
  • Basic knowledge of data modeling


  • None
  • This course contains only a short overview over the Layered Scalable Architecture++ with SAP HANA, no exercises or demonstrations are perfomed for LSA++ or on SAP HANA
  • This course does not discuss operational solutions or specific technical company scenarios.

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