Course announcements

  • This course is also available in a self-paced e-learning format with an active subscription to the SAP Learning Hub, as BOW315.
  • This 2-day course is designed to give you the skills needed to access, analyze and share data using SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence features through the Fiorified BI Launch Pad. You will learn how to create Web Intelligence documents for your reporting and analytical needs: to retrieve data by building queries using SAP BusinessObjects universes, to restrict data with query filters, to display and format data in tables and charts. You’ll also learn how to organize, manage and distribute documents using the Fiorified BI Launch Pad.

Course information

  • Web Intelligence
    • Describing Web Intelligence Concepts
  • Fiorified BI Launch Pad and Web Intelligence
    • Describing the Fiorified BI Launch Pad
    • Introducing the Fiorified BI Launch Pad User Interface
    • Searching for Content Objects
    • Interacting with Documents in Reading Mode
    • Personalizing your Fiorified BI Launch Pad
  • Web Intelligence Documents with Queries
    • Creating Queries
    • Creating a Document
    • Modifying a Document’s Query
  • Data Return Restrictions from Queries
    • Restricting Data with Query Filters
    • Applying a Single-Value Query Filter
    • Using Wildcards in Query Filters
    • Using Prompts to Restrict Data
    • Using Complex Filters
    • Exploring Query Properties
  • Web Intelligence Document Design
    • Web Intelligence User Interface Elements
    • Displaying Data in Tables
    • Using Tables
    • Presenting Data in Free-Standing Cells
    • Presenting Data in Charts
  • Analyzing Data in Documents
    • Using Breaks and Calculations
    • Using Sorts and Hiding Data
    • Formatting Breaks and Cross Tables
    • Filtering Report Data
    • Ranking Data
    • Highlighting Information with Formatting Rules
    • Organizing a Report into Sections
    • Creating Time Dimensions
  • Web Intelligence Document Formatting
    • Formatting Documents
    • Formatting Charts
  • Data Calculation
    • Defining and Using Simple Formulas and Variables
  • Drilling Functionality
    • Drilling in a Web Intelligence Document
  • This course will prepare you to:
  • Describe Web Intelligence concepts
  • Interact with documents in reading mode
  • Retrieve data by building queries using universes
  • Restrict data with query filters
  • Display data in tables and charts
  • Enhance documents for easier analysis
  • Format data in tables and charts
  • Create and use simple formulas and variables
  • Drill in a Web Intelligence document
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Business User
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • End User


  • * None


  • * None
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.3 SP 00

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