• Apply advance concepts of report design


  • Business Analysts
  • Report Writers
  • Report Designers
  • Application Developers
  • BI System Administrators



  • Windows conventions
  • Basic computer skills and database concepts


  • Completion of SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise: Fundamentals of Report Design (BOCE10)

Course based on software release

  • SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise


  • Running Total
  • Formulas
  • Creating Variables and Arrays
  • Loops
  • Building Parameterized Reports
  • Summarizing Data with Crosstabs
  • Multi-Pass Reporting
  • Subreports
  • Special Section Formatting
  • Building Specialized Reports
  • Multi Lingual Reports


  • This 3-day instructor-led course on SAP Crystal Reports is designed to give you comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge to create advanced reports that will help you analyze and interpret data. As a business benefit, you will be able to increase your understanding of formulas, variables, arrays, parameters, summaries and sections, which will help you to make more effective report design decisions and create more efficient reports.