Course announcements

  • By attending this course, you will understand how to design, explore, visualize and deliver reports via the web or embedded in enterprise application. You will also gain comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge to plan and create reports that will help you analyze and interpret data.

Course information

  • Report Concepts
    • Describing Reporting Concepts
  • Report Creation
    • Choosing a Report Creation Method
    • Connecting to Data Sources
    • Navigating in the Design Environment
    • Inserting Objects in a Report
    • Previewing a Report
    • Saving a Report
    • Setting the Position and Size of Objects
    • Formatting Objects
  • Record Selection
    • Setting Records Using Select Expert
    • Saving and Refreshing Data in Reports
    • Setting Additional Criteria
    • Applying Time-Based Record Selection
  • Report Data Sorting, Grouping, and Summarizing
    • Sorting Records
    • Creating a Grand Total
    • Grouping Records
    • Managing Multiple Groups
    • Grouping on Time-Based Data
    • Summarizing Data
    • Sorting and Filtering Groups
    • Sorting Groups using Specified Order
  • Graphics and Special Fields
    • Adding Graphical Elements
    • Adding Special Fields
  • Section Formatting
    • Formatting Sections
    • Controlling Page Breaks
    • Creating Summary Reports
  • Basic Formulas
    • Defining a Formula
    • Creating If-Then-Else Formulas
    • Creating Boolean Formulas
    • Creating Formulas with Dates
    • Creating Summary Functions in Formulas
    • Applying String Manipulation
  • Conditional Reporting
    • Highlighting Data in a Report
    • Formatting Data Conditionally
  • Charts
    • Creating Charts Without Groups
    • Creating Charts Based on Existing Groups and Summaries
    • Customizing a Chart on a Simple Report with No Groups
  • Report Distribution
    • Exporting a Report
    • Saving a Report to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform
  • Participants will gain skills in designing reports
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User


  • Standard Windows conventions
  • Basic computer skills and database concepts


  • None
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2013
  • As a business benefit, this course will provide an in-depth approach to the entire report creationg cycle, from planning a report prototype to distributing a report.
  • This course is also available as an elearning (BOC315)

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