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  • Unser SAP Live Access ist ein On-Demand-Zugriff auf Live- Schulungssysteme von SAP Education für ein praxisorientiertes Lernen. Das Paket beinhaltet ein 20-Stunden-Kontingent, das Sie innerhalb einer 4-Wochen-Frist individuell abrufen können.


  • Understand the concepts of object-oriented programming
  • Develop business applications with ABAP Objects


  • Developers
  • Developer Consultants



  • Programming experience
  • SAPTEC Fundamentals of SAP Web AS
  • BC400 ABAP Workbench Foundations


  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.40


  • Analyze and design classes (UML)
  • Classes, instances, references
  • Inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism
  • Events
  • Global classes/interfaces (Class Builder)
  • Global classes in ABAP Development Tools (ABAP in Eclipse)
  • Class-based exception concept
  • Unit Testing with ABAP Unit
  • Object-Oriented Design Patterns
  • Runtime Type Identification (RTTI)


  • This course is aimed exclusively at participants without any knowledge of object-oriented programming
  • You should attend both BC400 (ABAP Workbench Foundations) and BC401 (ABAP Objects) to gain in-depth understanding of the ABAP Workbench as well as the ABAP programming language. (ABAP consist of procedural and object-oriented parts. This also reflected in these courses.)

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