Course announcements

  • This course will be retired as of end June 2024. As an alternative, please take a look at our digital learning journey - Learning the Basics of ABAP Programming on SAP BTP. Learning ABAP Cloud equips you with the skills to scale, innovate, integrate and maintain business applications efficiently while saving on costs, and ensures you stay current with today's cloud-centric business world. It also increases your marketability as a developer in the growing SAP ecosystem. Our classes impart ABAP knowledge that is applicable both to ABAP Cloud and on-premise installations, demonstrating the backward compatibility of ABAP Cloud, i.e. your skills and experience in ABAP on-premise can certainly form a strong foundation for working in ABAP Cloud.

Course information

  • Basics of ABAP Programming
    • Developing a Simple ABAP Program
    • Introducing ABAP Syntax
    • Implementing a Simple Dialog
    • Customizing the ABAP Editor
  • Coding and Debugging in ABAP
    • Defining Simple Variables
    • Defining Text Symbols Performing Arithmetic Operations Using Simple Variables
    • Using System Variables
    • Debugging a Program
    • Creating an ABAP List
    • Processing Character Strings
  • Control Flow Structures in ABAP
    • Implementing Conditional Logic
    • Implementing Loops
  • Runtime Errors and Error Handling
    • Analyzing Runtime Errors
    • Implementing Error Handling
  • Additional ABAP Programming Techniques
    • Retrieving Data From the Database
    • Describing Modularization in ABAP
    • Using Function Modules
  • Learn simple ABAP code
  • Trace the flow of a program and troubleshoot simple problems
  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant
  • Help Desk / COE Support


  • None


  • None
  • The BC400 (ABAP Workbench Foundations) programming courses require that you understand the content of this basic course. .

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