Course information

  • Fundamentals
    • Describing the Fundamental Concepts of Java
    • Describing the Architecture of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server
    • Outlining the Java Cluster Architecture
    • Describing the Internal Structure of SAP NetWeaver AS Java
    • Evaluating the Options for Load Balancing in the Application Server Java Environment
  • Start and Stop Procedure
    • Starting and Stopping an SAP NetWeaver AS Java
    • Evaluating Tools for Starting and Stopping
    • Operating Java Startup and Control Framework
    • Analyzing Logs of Start and Stop Process of SAP NetWeaver AS Java
  • Basic Configuration
    • Listing Administration Tools
    • Maintaining Basic Configuration of AS Java with the Config Tool
    • Configuring AS Java with SAP NetWeaver Administrator
    • Maintaining Properties of the Central Services
  • Secure Infrastructure
    • Describing Network Security
    • Setting Up SSL
  • User and Authorization Administration
    • Configuring the User Management Engine (UME)
    • Maintaining Users and Groups
    • Managing Java Authorizationo
    • Administrating Special Principles
    • Configuring Logon Procedure of the AS Java
  • Java Connector and Destinations
    • Creating Connections to Other Systems
    • "Creating Connections to Other Systems with the
    • Java Connector Architecture
  • Change Management and Software Logistics
    • Describing the Standard Java EE Development Process
    • Describing SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure
    • Preparing the Development of Java Applications
    • Developing Java Objects in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
    • Transporting Java Developments
  • Monitoring
    • Monitoring SAP NetWeaver AS Java
    • Connecting to a Central Monitoring System
    • Configuring Availability Monitoring
    • Operating Log Viewer and Performing Log Configuration
    • Performing Monitoring Using SAP Solution Manager
  • Software Maintenance
    • Preparing for Software Maintenance
    • Describing Java Support Packages, Stacks, and Patches
    • Importing Corrections with SUM for AS Java
    • Importing Corrections with JSPM
    • Performing Backup Up AS Java
  • Provides the various tasks of the system administration for systems that are based on SAP NetWeaver AS Java 7.31.
  • Learn about the basic activities that affect SAP NetWeaver AS Java 7.31.
  • System Administrator
  • Technology Consultant



  • SAP NetWeaver 7.30 EHP 1
  • The course material is available in English only
  • This course deals with the basic activities that affect SAP NetWeaver AS Java 7.31. However, no application-specific or product-specific activities are taught..

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