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  • Gain Knowledge on how to use agile techniques in SAP projects.


  • Participants learn about the SAP Activate methodology in agile implementation techniques in SAP projects.
  • The course enables participants to apply the Agile techniques in their projects through project use cases and simulations.
  • This class is highly interactive
  • This course complements agile courses from other providers, like Certified Scrum Master and/or PMI-ACP training.


  • Project / Program Manager
  • Application Consultant
  • Project team leader and members



  • None


  • SAP Learning Hub / SAP Activate Learning Room (Available) or
  • ACT100 SAP Activate Methodology (available December 2015)


  • Introduction to agile concepts and SCRUM
  • Understand SAP Activate methodology
  • Fit for agile approach in SAP projects
  • Project team roles and responsibilities in Agile project
  • Agile project organization
  • Prepare phase activities in Agile project
  • Explore phase overview
  • User story mapping in SAP projects
  • Create product backlog
  • Understand the importance of ‘definition of done’
  • Agile estimating
  • Release and sprint planning
  • Sprint planning
  • Sprint cycle execution
  • Conduct sprint review
  • How to execute sprint retrospective
  • Deploy phase in Agile projects


  • This course offers great balance between theoretical knowledge and practical exercises on project case studies to allow student to gain a higher understanding of how to use agile techniques on SAP projects. Participants will not only learn a wide-range of concepts, but will have opportunity to practice them in a safe and informative classroom environment.

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