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Introduction to SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo is a combination of intelligent technologies, services, and industry expertise that can help you optimize your processes and resources – and ignite innovation in any area of your business.

SAP Leonardo IoT Overview

SAP IoT portfolio offers products and business services in the cloud and the edge providing necessary capabilities to build end-to-end IoT enabled business solutions.

  • SAP Leonardo IoT: IoT stack in the cloud providing business services and capabilities by consuming timeseries data contextualized with business process data (master data and transactional data)
  • SAP Edge Services: enables powerful microservices to be deployed at the edge of computing devices to extend the processing power of the cloud to the edge and extend business processes to the edge even in conditions with intermittent connectivity, reduced bandwidth and high latency.

SAP offers the following ways for consuming business IoT capabilities:

  • Embed: SAP IoT embeds into SAP LoB applications, like S/4 HANA, Digital Supply Chain or C/4HANA so customers can benefit from the IoT enabled Intelligent Enterprise Suite
  • Extend: SAP IoT enables developers to extend existing SAP business processes by gaining information and insights from previously unconnected devices (machines, products, assets etc..), thereby extending the value of existing SAP applications and processes
  • Transform: SAP enables partners and customers to pursue open innovation and create new business models enabled by IoT in the context of SAP business systems, while keeping core business processes stable

Extend business processes to the Edge: SAP provides intelligent data processing at the Edge orchestrated from the cloud. SAP IoT runs business transactions correlated with device data, close to the data source at the edge.

SAP Edge Services

SAP IoT Partnerships: SAP is committed to a strong ecosystem for IoT and understands the value our partners can bring to our customers. In addition to the focus on business IoT and industrial IoT, partnering with the best technology providers in the market is also a high priority for SAP, inclusive of open integration for IoT cloud-to-cloud interoperability.

Session covering Interoperability (AWS, Azure)

Cloud-to-Edge interoperability The Edge and the Cloud are two pillars of the SAP IoT portfolio. IoT data correlated with business process data can run on the Edge and the Cloud depending on scenarios such as: processing closer to the data source, near real-time processing, amount of data to be processed, historical data analysis, network availability etc. SAP IoT provides the ability to run IoT data in conjunction with business data on the Edge or the Cloud as per the customer use case and needs. SAP IoT provides Cloud-to-Edge interoperability, where customers can choose to run IoT enabled business processes on their Edge or on the Cloud allowing for distributed computing across the cloud and multiple Edge nodes. Customers can train predictive or ML models on the Cloud and deploy them on the Edge, design interoperable rules, events and actions across the cloud and the edge and send command signal all the way from the Cloud to the Edge to the sensors.

Data Science in a Nutshell

The session ‘Data Science in a Nutshell’ will introduce the participants to the concepts of machine learning. This includes Introduction to Machine Learning - Supervised, Unsupervised & Reinforcement Learning Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Neural Networks. Steps involved in a Data Science Projects. Challenges in Data Science Project. Steps to perform AI projects in your teams.

SAP Machine Learning Apps

ML Apps integrates machine learning into business processes by augmenting user experience and reduce the need for manual intervention for repetitive task.

SAP Data Intelligence

Many AI use cases reach till successful till PoC phase by creating ML model and desirable outcome based on sample data BUT moving them to production with real data starts coming from various sources ex, S3, ERP , Social media etc, And then challenges starts with change in model during training, accuracy in Inference goes down, versioning of dataset, model explain ability becomes important. This session discuss systematic approach to be taking for scaling AI use cases using SAP Data Intelligence.

Diving into Intelligence Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) accelerates digital transformation of business processes by automatically replicating tedious actions that have no added value. In this session you'll get an overview of the RPA platform that is being developed by SAP . It's called SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation.

January 28-29, 2020 in Bangalore/India

The SAP Labs Visionary Days is one of the first opportunities for customers to deep dive into SAP Leonardo & SAP Intelligent Enterprise best-of-class solutions, as accompanied by SAP Labs development & Product experts, and prepare themselves for the future digital transformation journey of their organization.

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