3 to RUN steps

The process is very simple:  

1. Select the course

Select the topics or courses you are interested in by searching the SAP Education Webshop. If you cannot find a date or location that fits your needs, move on to step 2.

2. Determine your needs

Once you know what course you are interested in attending and have checked to ensure that our posted schedules do not fit your needs, determine a time and location that does work for you.  If there are others in your company that are interested, make sure you align with their needs as well.

3. Contact us

Contact us by sending an email to education.americas@sap.com and be sure to include the desired course, date and location.  Additionally, please include the code 3TORUN in your email so we can track your request. 

What's next

Once received, we will work on your request and respond within one week. If we are able to meet your request, you must register three or more participants from your company for this appointment.

To allow us to prepare a professional and effective learning environment for you please allow at least 4-6 weeks between sending your request and the suggested course dates

Also, please note that for all 3 to RUN courses, the content cannot be customized as once confirmed, the class may be made available to other customers with similar interests.

This offer can not be combined with other promotions or discounts

Choosing a class

AT SAP Education, we know that fitting training into your busy schedule is not always easy.  We make every effort to schedule as many courses as possible to provide you with options for both the timing and location.  But what if none of our posted dates fits with your schedule?

With our new 3 to RUN program, you help to build our training schedules.  With a committment of 3 or more class attendees, we will work with you to schedule a class at a time and location that works best for you.

The 3 to RUN Advantage

This program provides the following advantages:

• Alignment of your project dates to your training plans

• Optimized travel costs and times

• Training guarantee and thus planning security for you

3 to RUN - Pooling

If you are unable to find co-workers in your organization that require the same training as you, 3 to RUN Pooling allows you to team up with others who may have the same training requirements as you.

Just contact us and let us know what your preferences are and we'll work to match your request with other customer inquries.