Accelerating SAP Solution Implementations

Accelerating solution implementation, deployment and ongoing enablement for the specific SAP solution you need to know.SAP Learning Hub provides enterprise-wide access to the latest online learning content, interactive SAP Learning Rooms, and live SAP training systems through our award-winning learning platform.

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Extend hands-on practice

10 hours of SAP Live Access are included in SAP Learning Hub, solution edition subscription. Upgrade access level to extend SAP Live Access.

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Your Route to Full Solution Competency

Solution editions of SAP® Learning Hub are one of the fastest routes to solution specific success. SAP Learning Hub, solution editions help IT professionals build, enhance and keep their implementation and deployment skills fresh. Now everyone involved in the project can have direct access to accelerate onboarding, software adoption, and proficiency. These focused solution editions offer digital learning resources individual to your needs within eight SAP solution areas, feature 10 hours of hands-on practice through SAP Live Access, and two exam bookings for online certification in the cloud.  Focusing on highly applicable content and services not only reduces per-learner cost and time to value, but it also maximizes your return on education investment.

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Do you have more than one SAP application?

If you have more than one SAP application, SAP Learning Hub, Professional edition is the right fit for you