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SAP software is designed to deliver transformative business outcomes. To truly realize this value, your employees need to equipped with right knowledge and skill sets. With training directly from SAP, you tap into our unique depth  of experience. With our customer-specific training approach, it can be tailored to meet your requirements.

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More than 49,000 SAP certified professionals from SAP India who help transform their businesses with SAP solutions. To see how SAP is helping companies like yours run better, watch the best-run stories showcased here. Explore our success stories!

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SAP Training and Adoption offers a rich portfolio of learning software designed to enhance and enrich your training initiatives and improve your learners’ experience.

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Start your training with SAP Education today. Gain access to industry experts and the latest innovations in SAP software only at our SAP education partners. Become global citizens, who help run businesses and this world better.

Do direct payment through NEFT to SAP now

Access our bank transfer details to make your payment online for your enrolled training program and certification in India 

Payment option for individuals

  • Add beneficiary account details as per details below.  
  • Add 18% GST on the base price for total payment.
  • Note: Use NEFT to pay SAP. Please don't make IMPS transfer to SAP current bank account. Keep a record of it by taking screen shot. 


Steps to follow: 

  • You can remit the funds using the code "SAPI" followed by your 10 digit Mobile number. Example : SAPI1234567890

 Please find the below bank details: 

  • Beneficiary / Vendor Name: SAP
  • A/C Type: Current A/C
  • FULL A/C number: SAPIXXXXXXXXXX (X to be replaced with your mobile number)
  • Bank Name: CITIBANK
  • Bank IFSC / RTGS Code: CITI0000004
  • SWIFT CODE: CITIINBX                                                                            

Post payment confirmation, drop email to training.india@sap.com

with necessary information along with payment details screen shot.