How to stay current with your SAP Global Certification

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Certification Exams

C_ARCON - SAP Ariba Contracts

C_ARCON_19Q4: Available since November 5, 2019

C_ARCON_20Q1: Availability planned for February 17, 2020  


C_ARP2P - SAP Ariba Procurement

C_ARP2P_19Q4: Available since November 12, 2019 

C_ARP2P_20Q1: Availability planned for February 17, 2020


C_ARSOR - SAP Ariba Sourcing

C_ARSOR_19Q4: Available since December 09, 2019 

C_ARSOR_20Q1: Availability planned for February 17, 2020 


C_ARSUM – SAP Ariba Supplier Management

C_ARSUM_19Q4: Available since November 5, 2019

C_ARSUM_20Q1: Availability planned for February 17, 2020 


How to stay current with your certification 

FAQ : Stay Current With Your SAP Global Certification  

New to SAP Ariba?

To become certified in SAP Ariba for the first time, you will need to take the core exam. If the latest core exam, which is determined by the current release, is not yet available, you have two options: 

  • Wait until the exam is published (see schedule on the right)
  • Don’t wait, take the previous core exam AND the respective delta exam (even if it means taking both the core and the delta exams in the same quarter)

Already have an SAP Ariba Certification?

Once you successfully complete an SAP Ariba core exam, you will need to stay current and maintain your certification on a quarterly basis by reviewing the delta content and completing the delta assessment(s) for the solutions you are certified in. 

Take note of the release version of the certification exam that you are registering for (the last four characters in the exam code indicate the year and quarter). Based on the release, you will either be required to take the delta assessments immediately or you will be asked to start the following quarter. 

If you fail to complete a specific quarter’s delta exam for the product for which you hold a valid certification, you will no longer be certified and will need to take the respective core exams again to re-certify. Please note that quarterly exams and deltas get retired once the successor release is launched.

Please note that not all SAP Ariba exams are currently included in the stay current program 


Q4 2019 - Release 1911

Nov 04 2019 - Delta Availability

Feb 14 2020 - Delta Completion Required 


Q1 2020 - Release 2002

Feb 17 2020 - Delta Availability

May 15 2020 - Delta Completion Required


Q2 2020 - Release 2005

May 18 2020 - Delta Availability

Aug 14 2020 - Delta Completion Required


Q3 2020 - Release 2008

Aug 17 2020 - Delta Availability

Nov 13 2020 - Delta Completion Required