Current Certifications

Because our training certifications are globally recognized – and demonstrate that you have honed your skills through rigorous study and hands-on experience in your chosen field. We offer certification programs by area of focus and skill level – whether you’re an SAP partner, customer, or end user.

The Valid Certifications list shows if a certification is still up-to-date and valid. SAP updates the list regularly as both new on-premise and cloud exams go live. We also remove exams retired for 12 months or more.

Are you ready for SAP SuccessFactors Professional Certification?

This expert level of Certification is based on successful project experience and does not require a new exam. SAP SuccessFactors Professional Certification shows the world that you have the highest level of competency on SuccessFactors products.

Do you meet the requirements to be part of the 3 Gigs, 3 References, 3 Years Elite SuccessFactors Professional Certification Club?

  • Are you an SAP SuccessFactors Partner or an SAP SuccessFactors Consultant?
  • Do you have a valid SuccessFactors Associate Certification?
  • Have you served as the lead consultant on 3 successful SuccessFactors implementations in the last 36 months?

If you answered yes Apply or Learn More.

Global Partner Certifications

You can trust certified global SAP service partners to get the job done right: they’ve proven their real-world expertise on the latest SAP technologies..

The links below identify the certification levels for certified partners in Analytics, Applications (ERP), Database & Technology, Mobility, SAP HANA and Cloud in their respective regions..

Credential Manager

The Credential Manager™ portal is a complimentary service. Manage and administer certification-related tasks and fully leverage your expertise. Be part of the Ww. SAP Consultant Registry or publish your Status via E-Mail and add a SAP Consultant Logo to your application.

Certification in the Cloud - Access Certification Hub

A Certification in the Cloud subscription provides 12 months of access to the Certification Hub with up to a maximum of 6 exam bookings. You can also take any exam up to three times during your 6 exam maximum.

If you have a valid Certification in the Cloud subscription, click on "Log on" below to book your remote proctored exam. To subscribe and view all current available Certifications in the Cloud, click "Subscribe". Learn More